Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Weekend Reading List

Have you read Anna Wintour’s interview with the Business of Fashion yet? I’ve been saving it for the weekend, as I want to enjoy it properly, with no distractions. It’s created headlines on fashion websites all week, so I’m really looking forward to getting up to speed. I’ve always found Anna Wintour fascinating… read more >

The Recipe for a Relaxing and Reviving Weekend

There’s a reason why so many Brits list spring as their favourite season: it’s packed with Bank Holidays. And with yet another long weekend approaching I felt it was the perfect time to discuss relaxing weekend rituals. I often work on weekends, as my self-employed schedule allows me to be more flexible with my time during the week. However, I try to honour public holidays, and focus on restful and reviving activities… read more >

Weekly Wish List | Going Gaga for Gingham

Be honest, how many gingham pieces have you bought so far this season? Gingham is the ‘It’ print for spring/summer 2017, and it can be found on everything from trench coats to bikinis right now. I’ve yet to indulge heavily in the trend, but I’m struggling to resist New Look’s gingham skirt. Those feminine frills are fabulous! read more >

5 Rules for Mastering a Closet Cleanse

As you know, I’m a complete organisation freak. Your typical Type-A personality. To the point that I sometimes watch KonMari folding method videos for pleasure (the underwear technique is revolutionary, I tell you!). And nothing thrills me more than a good closet cleanse. I pride myself on my spring cleaning abilities, and with the season now in full swing I thought I’d share my top tips for mastering a wardrobe clear-out… read more >