Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Weekend Reading List

Ahh spring, how I love thee… It’s been such a delight to finally experience sunshine, blue skies and warmer temperatures. But the one thing I definitely hadn’t missed, however, were blisters. This week I wore shoes without socks for the first time in months, and within 20 minutes I had two monstrous blisters. (They hurt so much that at one point I text a friend to ask if you can call an ambulance for blister pain. The answer was no.) read more >

3 Simple & Healthy Lunches I Make When Working From Home

As a full-time blogger I work from home at least three days a week. And when I first made the transition from fashion intern to full-time blogger the thing I missed most were my daily Pret lunches. I used to love their tuna, mayonnaise and cucumber baguettes (which, admittedly, are basically 80% mayo; so it’s probably best that I’ve dropped that habit). And since I started working from home five-and-half years ago I’ve had to make approximately 1,825 lunches (!!!). That’s a lot of cooking. read more >

Weekly Wish List | The Dreamiest Velvet Sofa

I don’t like to feature products in the Weekly Wish List that are sold out online, because the whole purpose of these edits is that they’re easy to shop. However, I had to make an exception for Topshop’s stripe skirt. It’s no longer available on their website, but if you can find it in store grab one as fast as you can! Because this baby screams spring/summer 2017, and it’s sure to look great with a white shirt and black loafers. read more >

5 Healthy Habits That Shape My Week

Like all of you, I’m constantly trying to find new ways to improve my health and happiness. Wellbeing is now an industry unto itself, and conversations with friends always loop back to the positive lifestyle changes they’re road-testing. The British fashion brand Joules champion healthy, happy and active lifestyles, and they recently invited me to share the healthy habits that shape my week. So here goes… read more >