Monthly Archives: February 2017

How I Managed to Cut My Sugar Intake in Half

I’ve joked about my sweet tooth many times before. But, really, it’s no laughing matter. I’m a serious sugar junkie. Overall I have a... read more

The Weekend Reading List

Have you been paying attention to all of the collections shown at New York and London Fashion Week? I’m ashamed to say I haven’t... read more

Discovering My Spring Style Personality

I have a confession to make: I absolutely love taking online quizzes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a personality test steeped in psychological research,... read more

Weekly Wish List | Statement Jeans and Spring Outerwear

When was the last time you spoilt yourself for no reason? I kept my spending to a minimum throughout January and much of February,... read more

How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

We're fast approaching the time of year when weddings are the hot topic of conversation. Anyone celebrating a Christmas, New Year or Valentine's Day... read more

The Weekend Reading List

Anyone that follows me on Twitter or Instagram will know about my addiction to trashy TV. And The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises are my... read more