Monthly Archives: September 2015

Weekly Wish List | Feeling a Little “Clueless”

Is this “Clueless” inspired handbag the world’s coolest fashion accessory? Because I certainly think so… read more >

My Style | The Trans-Seasonal Jacket

How are you coping with the whole trans-seasonal dressing thing? Usually I sail through the “pre” seasons with little concern, but this month I’ve either been too hot or too cold… read more >

My 9 to 5 | Jessica Diner, Editorial Director at Birchbox

“It’s so important to ask for that promotion that you wanted, or that title change, or your salary increase. People aren’t going to hand things to you on a plate, you’ve got to ask…” read more >

The Weekend Reading List

This week “Girls” actress Allison Williams helped me realise a new life ambition: have Tom Hanks officiate my wedding! read more >