Monthly Archives: April 2014

On the Wish List: Beach-Side Chic

I’m reluctant to look at my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter timelines at the moment, because it feels like everyone but me is on vacation. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went on a beach holiday (like a baby, you can’t leave a blog unattended for a week)… read more >

Same Face, Different Day. A Look at My Beauty Routine…

Do you wear the same makeup every day? I never used to, but over the last month or so I’ve developed a bit of a routine, and – for reasons most likely steaming from laziness – it’s now rare that I stray from it… read more >

The Wardrobe Must-Have: ASOS’ Green Check Skater Dress

This is a super-quick spur of the moment post, which I shouldn’t even be writing because I currently have a to-do list that would bring tears to your eyes. But I spotted this midi skater dress on ASOS and just had to share it with you… read more >

Getting Dressed With: Theresa Caney, Company Magazine Web Editor

“The only things my husband has hanging up in the wardrobe are his work shirts and suits. I make him put everything else in in drawers, so I have the vast majority of wardrobe space. But he’s used to it now. We used to live in this really small flat and I made him keep all his clothes under the bed so I could have the whole wardrobe…” read more >