Monthly Archives: February 2014

Getting Dressed With: Naomi Mdudu, Metro Fashion Editor

"My wardrobe is quite organised and I arrange everything by item. It goes: proper winter coats, biker jackets, blazers, skirts, day shirts, night shirts,... read more

My Style: Distressed Jeans and Faux Fur Trimmings

Another look at what I wore during London Fashion Week. (Hint: those ASOS distressed jeans might have made another appearance)... read more

Five Observations From My First Ever Tom Ford Fashion Show

A few weeks ago I received a very special email, which came completely out of the blue. "Please reserve the evening of February 17th... read more

Shopping For: A Workwear Update

If you thought peplums had finally retired from the spotlight think again. Tibi's spring 2014 collection features an adorable cotton peplum blouse, which will... read more

The London Fashion Week Menu (AKA the Five-Day Sugar High)

Healthy eating goes out the window the second London Fashion Week begins. You can have the the will power of an Olympic athlete and... read more

All the Gorgeousness From Temperley London Fall 2014

The backstage area at Temperley London's Fall 2014 show was incredibly civilised. Models sat silently as makeup artists painted beautiful Azure liquid liner around... read more