Monthly Archives: January 2014

Five Things You Should Know About Peter Pilotto for Target

I’ve had an early look at the Peter Pilotto for Target collection, and these are the five things you need to know about the collaboration… read more >

The Best Valentine’s Day Beauty Buys

As you can see, I’m not feeling particularly inspired this week, which is why I’ve posted about Valentine’s Day twice in the space of one week. I promise there won’t be any more Valentine’s posts after this, but in the meantime please humour me and pretend you’re really, really excited about February 14th and can’t stop doodling love hearts and roses… read more >

The Pink Coat Gets a Fuzzy Update For Pre Fall 2014

The fashion industry’s fixation with pink coats doesn’t appear to be dwindling. In fact, the craze just seems to be gaining momentum… read more >

Shopping For: Spots and Stripes

Why limit yourself to one print when you could wear two or three at a time? That seems to be the general consensus this season, with designers and high street stores mixing and matching patterns to create a variety of vibrant, dynamic looks… read more >