Burberry Celebrate the Festive Season in Style

Burberry Festive Campaign With Love

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always dreamt about spending Christmas in New York. Movie’s like A Miracle on 34th Street (the 1994 version with Dylan McDermott is my favourite) have led me to believe Christmas in New York is the ultimate festive experience. If I’m wrong – and I don’t think I am – please don’t correct me, as I want to keep my romantic vision intact. But anyway, the Burberry With Love festive campaign has just been released, and Christopher Bailey has managed to make Christmas in London look pretty appealing too! And he didn’t even need Dylan McDermott’s help…

So, what does a Burberry Christmas look like? Well, under the tree you’ll find animal-print accessories wrapped up with gold ribbon, everyone dresses in the famous Burberry check print, and it snows. Not horrible, slushy, all-the-trains-have-stopped snow; but beautiful movie-set snow.

Burberry With Love - Creative Still Lif_003Burberry Festive Campaign With LoveBurberry With Love - Creative Still Lif_001Burberry Festive Campaign 2013

Shop the 2013 festive gift selection online now at Burberry.com. Santa, if you’re reading this, I’d like the heart-print gloves, please.

Do you like the With Love Burberry festive campaign? Are you getting excited about Christmas already? Let me know…

P.S I’m really sorry if Christmas is the last thing you want to hear about in early-November. My gift guides are starting this week too, so there really is no escape.

Images courtesy of Burberry
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  • MoreStyleThanFashion Sandra

    Haha no it’s not to early, can’t wait for Christmas! Adorable Burberry ads.