Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Saturday Fashion News Catch Up

See What James Franco, Beyonce, Anderson Cooper and Kate Moss Look Like as Cookies... read more

7 Things To Do This Weekend: The Burberry Cookies and Bowie Edition

Bliss! It’s a long weekend and the sun is shining (at the time of posting – let’s see how long that lasts)! Whether you’ve... read more

The Many Editorial Faces of “The Host” Actress, Saoirse Ronan

Recently it feels like every time I open up a fashion magazine The Host actress, Saoirse Ronan, is staring back at me.... read more

Shopping For: Silver Fashion for Spring 2013

Gold may be my metallic of choice, but for Spring/Summer 2013 the focus is switching to silver. Whether it’s holographic accessories at Stella McCartney... read more

The Dior at Harrods Window Displays {A Closer Look}

Last week I finally found the time to pop into Harrods for a look around the Dior exhibition, and I’m... read more

Beauty Boost: This £149 Moisturiser Brings NASA Technology Found on Mars to Your Bathroom Cabinet

Last week I was introduced to a new skincare product which comes with a sci-fi twist. IOMA Youth Booster moisturising serum... read more