Jennifer Lawrence & Victoria Beckham’s Style Romance

Jennifer Lawrence turns 22 in August, so she would have been growing up right in the middle of the Spice Girls’ rise to fame. Odds are she was a Posh Spice fan (like me) because she’s worn Victoria Beckham’s designs on multiple occasions – most recently for her promotional appearance on a Spanish TV show. And it looks like Jennifer’s style crush is reciprocated, as this morning Victoria Beckham tweeted a photo of her wearing a Katniss Everdeen style braid.
Victoria, who is currently working in Beijing, captioned her picture “Baggy braid in Beijing!” and although there was no mention of Katniss’ now-infamous hairstyle I think it’s fair to assume she got her inspiration from the look. VB takes an insane amount of long-haul flights every year, so she must have read The Hunger Games trilogy by now, right?

Are you enjoying Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Beckham’s blossoming style romance?

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