Jennifer Lawrence Carries Mulberry’s "Del Rey" Bag

Watching Jennifer Lawrence’s success over the last couple of weeks has been amazing. I’m such a big fan of the 21-year-old actress, mostly because she’s super talented. If you haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet (which exceeded all expectations at the box office this weekend, by the way) you won’t be disappointed. She plays Katniss to perfection! Jennifer is also seriously funny; watch her on the Letterman show for proof. And I love the fact she doesn’t look particularly bothered by the Hollywood lifestyle. She was spotted strolling around LA without makeup (or an entourage) on Friday. There will be no celebrity silliness for Jennifer!

Further evidence that Jennifer is ‘It’ right now is the fact she has the Mulberry “Del Rey” bag, which isn’t on sale until May. She was spotted carrying the tan leather handbag whilst promoting The Hunger Games in Seattle, earlier this month. Jennifer paired the bag with a white blazer and MiH’s Marrakesh kick flare jeans – available at Shopbop and Donna Ida.

I’m tempted to start and online petition for a Mulberry “Katniss” bag. Wouldn’t that be great? Someone needs to give Emma Hill a copy of The Hunger Games

Are you a fan of Jennifer Lawrence’s style? Like the Mulberry Del Rey handbag? And would you be pleased to see a Katniss bag too? You can join the Del Rey waiting list HERE.

image © Flynet courtesy of Mulberry