Current Beauty Obsessions From Stila, L’Oreal & Benefit

One of the perks of being a fashion blogger is that I regularly get to try out new cosmetics, and where I once knew very little about the beauty world I’m slowly starting to learn more about makeup. Three of my current favourite products are L’Oreal Paris’ “Lumi Magique” foundation, Benefit’s “Girl Meets Pearl” complexion enhancer and Stila’s “Smudge Stick” eye pencil.
I first discovered Stila’s gorgeous khaki eye pencil (in the shade “Moray”) last year, when it appeared in my GlossyBox subscription. I’ve been struggling to track it down in the UK ever since so made sure I bought another when I visited Sephora in Toronto. I wear it every day as it’s not as harsh as black liner. Plus it looks great with metallic eye shadows. 

I’ve also been wearing L’Oreal Paris’ new “Lumi Magique” foundation on a daily basis as it’s as light as a tinted moisturiser but offers more coverage. Paired with my trusty Benefit “Girl Meets Pearl” liquid, which I apply on my cheeks after bronzer for a healthy shimmer.

What beauty products are you currently obsessing over? All suggestions welcome…