Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski Aren’t Friends Any More

Another week, another fashion feud… This time it’s all about Rachel Zoe and her former assistant, Brad Goreski. Again. At the beginning of week Brad was on The Wendy Williams Show promoting his new reality show It’s A Brad, Brad World where he said the way his departure from Team Zoe was handled was “disappointing”. He also revealed he sent Rachel and Rodger a Hermès tower when baby Skyler was born and didn’t receive a thank you note in return. The beginning of the week points for subtle-but-not-so-subtle insults all went to Brad!
But by Wednesday evening Rachel was scoring some subtle-but-not-so-subtle insult points of her own. She retweeted a message reading, “I am sure @mrbradgoreski show will fail but @rzrachelzoe will continue to be a star in business and personal life” before quickly taking down the message. Is she Lindsay Lohan now? At least she hasn’t come out with a story saying her Twitter account was hacked. Or worse, that Skyler was playing with her phone and sent the retweet because he felt he deserved an Hermès tower with four toys, not three. 
I find this whole story really boring (in fact, I have no idea why I’m even writing about it) but I am somewhat interested to see where it goes next. Whatever happens it’s got everyone talking about Brad and Rachel once more, so Bravo will be happy, as it must boost ratings for both their reality shows.
Are you interested in Rachel and Brad’s feud? Have you taken sides?
image bravotv.com