Michelle Williams and Zooey Deschanel: Girls in Wigs

Michelle Williams poses in Stella McCartney underwear for the February 2012 issue of GQ US. I really want to like this cover because I love Michelle, but I don’t. I’m going to blame Lindsay Lohan, who is constantly posing as Marilyn Monroe in next to nothing. Or, in the case of Playboy magazine, literally nothing.

Lindsay has cheapened the Marilyn image. And now Michelle unfortunately looks cheap too. But even if the Lindsay thing wasn’t an issue I’m still not sure I’d like this shoot as it’s impossible to ignore the wig. I’ve done a little Google-research and I don’t think this wig was used in My Week With Marilyn (but I haven’t seen the film yet, so am not 100% sure). Is Michelle’s wig bothering you too? And if so, then how did you feel about Zooey Deschanel’s hair at the Golden Globes?

Over lunch with a friend yesterday I mentioned that Zooey’s hair looked a little strange on the red carpet and learnt she was actually wearing a wig. Apparently she couldn’t cut her hair because she wears it long for New Girl so she wore a wig to get her desired hairstyle. You have to admire her dedication even if you don’t like the wig.

Do you like Michelle and Zooey’s wigs or would you rather they wore their hair naturally?

Images gq.com