Vivienne Westwood Launches Ethical Africa Collection with

Vivienne Westwood is an icon in fashion for so many reasons. Her brilliant designs, great personality, fabulous bright orange hair and dedication to important causes have made her one of the world’s most loved designers. Vivienne has now teamed up with and the United Nations Agency, the International Trade Centre, to create a project that hopes to “use fashion as a vehicle out of poverty.”

The Vivienne Westwood Ethical Africa A/W handbag collection is filled with colourful designs, all made by women living in marginalized communities in Africa. The Ethical Fashion Programme has helped over 7,000 women already, and the income communities make from the project means they no longer have to rely on their environment by cutting down trees to make charcoal to sell.

Designs from the Vivienne Westwood Ethical Africa collection. Prices start at £30 and all pieces are made from recycled materials

“What I do, making bags, can make a difference,” Vivienne Westwood says. “This project gives people control over their lives – charity doesn’t give control, it does the opposite, it makes them dependant. These people have more control over their lives and can therefore choose not to exploit the environment because they have an alternative way of making money”

The collection is now available at and

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