The Weekend Reading List

I think by now we can all agree that 2016 has delivered its fair share of WTF moments. And the latest shock to add to the list is the Brangelina split, which sent the internet into a tailspin on Tuesday… read more >

Do You Have a Signature Scent?

When it comes to fragrance I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe. I would love to be the kind of woman who has a signature scent, because it seems so classy and grown up. But I’m too easily distracted by new releases… read more >

Weekly Wish List | Get the Fashion Week Look

There’s been lots of talk lately about the purpose of fashion week, and whether it still makes sense to present spring/summer collections in September. This season many brands switched to a see-now-buy-now model… read more >

How I Stay Organised During Fashion Week

As you know, I’m an organisation freak. I love it. Thrive on it, in fact. And London Fashion Week always takes a lot of organisational prowess. The list-making and time management is such a thrill that in some sick and twisted way I… read more >