The (Long) Weekend Reading List

Happy long weekend guys and girls! What do you have planned for the Memorial Day/Bank Holiday break? It’s my mama’s birthday, so I’ll be catching up with family, binging on cake and hitting the gym in-between… read more >

The Productivity Tricks That Will Maximise Your Workweek

This year I’ve been working hard to maximise my productivity levels so I can remain focused during the week and take time to relax on weekends. So far it’s going well, and here are the tricks that have made the biggest difference… read more >

Weekly Wish List | Summer Nights

This is slightly embarrassing to admit, but one of my favourite pastimes is visiting Anthropologie stores to smell their candles. Avocado and Mint is my favourite (I once even took a guy I was dating there to smell it!)… read more >

My Style | Dressing for the Summer Vaycay

Okay, so technically these photos could have been taken anywhere in the world because the backdrop is completely indistinguishable. But I assure you they were shot on the Spanish island of Menorca… read more >