The Weekend Reading List

So, I finished Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life… I won’t share any plot spoilers, because I know many of you are still working your way though the four-part revival, but I will admit I feel let down by the writing. Especially when it comes to Rory. In the final seasons of the TV show Rory admittedly became quite intolerable – blind to her own privilege and increasingly self-centred… read more >

My 9 to 5: Rose Mann, Co-Owner of Farm Girl Café

“The good thing about what we do is the fact you can see all of your hard work right there and then, every day. It’s like an instant reward. Sometimes I work on the floor at Farm Girl, and that’s the best thing for me to do because I get to meet all of our customers face-to-face and actually have a conversation with them. It’s always really uplifting…” read more >

The 2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Friends That Love to Entertain

We all have friends and family that love to play host, and if you’re not sure what to give them this Christmas here are 12 ideas that will definitely go down a treat. If you’re shopping for a foodie check out Arthur Price’s stylish pizza board and Theo Randall’s Pasta recipe book, because it’s impossible to go wrong with Italian food. And a bag of gourmet popcorn kernels will make a fantastic stocking stuffer or secret santa gift… read more >

Survive the Cold Snap With These Eucerin Hero Products

Baby It’s Cold Outside is one of my favourite festive songs, and I’ve been singing it to myself every time I step outside lately, because it feels freaking freezing. And I know it’s only going to get worse, so I’m preparing for the cold snap like many others would plan for a trip to Antarctica. I have a North Face coat on order, a stockpile of thermals and I’ve given my skincare routine a cold-weather update. read more >