Could You Survive With Only 8 Pairs of Shoes?

Shoe Shopping Nigel Shafran British Vogue April 2014

If I were to publish an autobiography the title would be So Many Shoes, So Little Space. Because those six words completely sum up my life right now…Read More >

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Beauty Boost: The Orange Lip Springtime Edit

Orange Lipstick NARS Wonder

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with orange lipstick, so ditch the boring pinks and nudes and grab one of these bold babies. You won’t regret it…Read More >

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The True Story of 12 Women and 2,000 Dresses

Never Underdressed Dress Edit

Katherine Heigl and her 27 Dresses have got nothing on the Never Underdressed team and myself. Last month we locked ourselves up in a London studio armed with 2,000 dresses, multiple tubs of Jaffa Cakes and a lot of coffee…Read More >

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On the Wish List: French Bulldog Sweaters and Chain Booties

French Bulldog T Shirt  ÊTRE CÉCILE 2

What’s a girl to do if she can’t own a french bulldog? Wear one across her chest, of course! My cat would throw a hissy fit (quite literally) if I brought a frenchie home with me, so this Être Cécile’s sweater is the next best thing…Read More >

Are You Ready to Wear Bag Charms Again?

Bag Charms Marissa Cooper The O.C

The last time I wore a bag charm Marissa Cooper from The O.C was my style icon and a quilted Paul’s Boutique duffle was my handbag of choice (it came with a selection of charms attached – score!)…Read More >